Philip Hobbs Form and Entries
Philip Hobbs
  • Assistant Trainer Johnson White, joined the team in 1995
  • Richard Johnson and Tom O’Brien
  • Secretary Jo Cody-Boutcher, joined the team in 2007
  • Liz Welsh, Head Girl, joined the team in 1999
  • Carol Burnett, Head Girl, joined the team in 1998
  • Seanie Mulcaire, Travelling Head Lad, joined the team in 1992
  • Emma Mcwilliam, Travelling Head Lass, joined us in 2012
  • Chris Davies, Second Assistant

Johnson White

Assistant Trainer

Chris Davies

Second Assistant

Sean Mulcaire

Travelling Head Lad

Emma McWilliam

Travelling Head Lass

Chris Davies

3rd Travelling Head Lad

Liz Welsh

Head Girl

Carol Burnett

Head Girl

Jo Cody-Boutcher


Stable Lasses

Hannah Ball

Nicola Baker

Kayley Barratt

Beth Childs
Maddie Coutts

Sophie Daniels

Katie Davies
Hannah Halstead
Lisa Jackson

Molly Jones

Isobel Mackin

Natasha Mallon
Emilie Maybury-Jenks

Jenna Pearce

Lucy Provan

Izzy Stadden

Kate Tracey


Stable Lads

Jake Bament

Brandon Clark

Martin Daniel

Sean Graham

Stefan Kirwan

Ben Robarts

Shane Roche

Saul Woods



If you are interested in joining our Sandhill team or seeking a work experience placement please send in your CV/details and if a position comes available we will be in contact.

Retained Jockeys

Richard Johnson

Tom O’Brien

Stable Jockeys

James Best

Michael Nolan


Tom Cheesman

Conditional Jockey

Conor Smith

Conditional Jockey

Ciaran Gethings

Conditional Jockey

Sean Houlihan

Amateur Jockey

Natalie Parker

Amateur Jockey

Nick Lawton

Amateur Jockey

Tim Dennis

Feed Man

Neil Mansbridge